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About us


After nine years of study and university jobs in Netherlands, I became a specialist in mechanics, electronics and computers. Next to this I did a lot of self-awareness work, become a Biodanza teacher, practising meditation and secrets of psychology. More than ten years ago I left the office life and chose instead to follow my heart. I bought an old camper van, moved to "nowhere", and sought out on community life. Because the only things that really matter in life are the lessons you learn with each other. So I started studying communities, travelling, visiting, joining, carrying, went to many Rainbow gatherings and helped to organize them.

My travelling part of life end in magical village Orgiva in close by valley El Morreon where I started community. In this 6 years in a constant course in living together, I learned a lot on many do's and don't s. Now my long time waited first child was born - sweet Melissa. With my partner Amiel with this wonderful new phase in our lives, we have now made the next step.


My fascination about understanding how we live together as people was with me since I remember. As a teenager my hobby was psychology, I wanted to look into individual motives and recognize the complexity of personality. Later on I studied sociology to extend my knowledge more on group level. Worked in NGO organizations, in charity and as a social worker.

Aside of that I am 3rd generation beekeeper and observer of magnificent organic bee society. Seeing how consciousness show itself in bee swarm is always teaching me something new.

After big personal transformation I realize that we should come back to more natural way of living, closer to nature and each other. Connect not only with our minds but also on heart and soul level. Remember that we all live on one Earth.

Life send me to Spain and let me start this beautiful journey to my heart in community and as a mother.