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Birth of Badulina Community

Badulina is our community name and theme song

One day the magical musical duo Ninka and Omri that are the music group ‘ILHAAM Project’ visited us. They made this beautiful title song of their first CD.

Once wandering around they said: “this is Badulina!”, when you hear amazing words of this song you will understand - That's the name! We always welcome new people with them!

You and me, were gonna live freestyle

At least for a while,

till the day that we die

I know we shall find a place under the sky

Where Love is the law 

and the truth cannot lie

Who you've been where you going

Have you coming from far?

It don't matter for us,

in the present we trust

We know the worst criminal

is a diamond covered in dust

So welcome back to your long lost home

You traveled from far

but now you know you are not alone

We are millions, billions

Praying for change

One day we shall unite

gather under this name



Open up your gate

Open up your mind

Open up your heart



Badulina is originally the title of a book written by Gabi Nitzan, about a King and a Queen of the land Badulina:


“Their job is to live like a King, to set an example and remind every Badulinian citizen that they too have the right to be a king or a queen”.


While going in a journey with author and royal couple soon you realizing that it’s not just a book, Badulina is a way of life.

ILHAAM Project

Magical music duo which broght a seed with their lovely voices and song - Badulina


Author who takes us in a beautiful journey with the royal couple, the King and Queen of Badulina